Nattfirvaldur's Characters
Náttfirvaldur's Characters:

Oddveig Eystberg

26YearsOld, 164Cm, 49-50Kg
Oddveig is also known as Odd.
She suffers from Schizophrenia(with the positiv symptoms).
she decides to go out to the Seyer's institution to stay for a month or two

Ulvur Kirkjuboe

32YearsOld,189Cm, -- -- kg
He's what you would call a Gentleman
though he has a "dark" site to himself too
Ylva is his fiancé

Ylva Seyer

19YearsOld, 175Cm, 54-56 kg
Ylva Seyer suffers from Dissociative identity disorder
She is the daughter of the owner of "Seyers institution"
Ylva is Ulvurs Fiance

Kensl the Crow

Kenls is Oddveigs feelings in bird-form

Gata the Raven

Gáta is Oddveigs secrets in a bird-form

Lívski & Siljavich

livski & siljavich - the manic depressed theater masks
they would die before showing their face to others

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